Norway Pond Iceout Contest: Official Rules

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How to Purchase Tickets for Ice Out

Tickets may be purchased at participating merchant locations through March 15th

Tickets available online are 3 for $5 or 6 for $10.

About Ice Out

The idea is that we may all buy tickets to make guesses as to when the ice will go out under the little church this winter. The winner of the Ice Out contest will be the person who comes the closest to the exact time the ice goes out, either before or after that moment. The winner will share the profits from the ticket sales (50/50 after expenses) with the First Congregational Church of Hancock. The Church's share of the proceeds will help with the expenses of maintaining our historic Meetinghouse and Vestry

Tickets will be available to purchase at $2.00 for one (in-person sales only) or $5.00 for three after Christmas in local businesses and from any member of the First Congregational Church. A lot of people pick times that are right on the hour. This means that, if that time is correct, they will have to share the winnings with many others. We suggest picking a time like 2:11 rather than 2:00, for example, as it will make your guess more unique.  

For more information, feel free to call Phil Jones or Jane Richards-Jones at (603) 525-4485

Participating Merchants

  • Fiddleheads
  • Hancock Market
  • Ice Out Contest Terms & Conditions

    Tickets will be collected until March 15, 2018 (Town Meeting Day) at 5:00 PM EST at which point all sales will terminate.

    The ticket with predicted time closest (either plus or minus) to the actual event will be declared the winner.

    The proceeds of the ticket sales (minus expenses of the contest) will be divided evenly and exclusively between the winning ticket holder and the Meetinghouse/Vestry building maintenance fund.

    Should two or more tickets come equally close, the ticket holders will divide the winner’s share.

    Should equipment failure, tampering, malicious act, act of nature, or otherwise make it impossible to determine the true Ice Out moment, the winner will be chosen by randomly drawing a single ticket from all paper and electronic tickets collected.